Noggin was introduced to the BID team by its marketing company at the time, who needed factual content for their stakeholder communications programme.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges faced by BIDs is the setting and management of levy payers’ expectations and this is where data can be invaluable. Data provides benchmarks; provides substance for anecdote – or not; and is hard to argue with.

“Data analysis and interpretation is the true value of what Noggin offers city and town centre teams.”

Our Approach

Our relationship with the Chichester BID team has grown over the years as we have reviewed and established KPIs, set up data monitoring and reporting and managed media misuse of footfall and high street statistics!

As analysis and reporting has become increasingly sophisticated, so have the expectations of the Chichester BID Board and levy payers grown, and vice versa, with Chichester BID now having a very firm understanding of how the city centre operates and what they can do to influence it. And data has helped that.

The Chichester footfall challenge

Footfall is declining nationally and Chichester as a city has seen the same, with a 25% decline between 2007 – 2017. The measurement and analysis of footfall became a national obsession, claiming to be a measure of high street performance – and yet there was little measurement at the time of whether or not these people were buying. It got to a stage when there seemed little point in measuring something you cannot actually affect.

In the year leading up to the ballot for the BID’s second term, the focus of team switched from footfall to dwell time with Noggin’s help. As Colin Hicks, Chairman of Chichester BID explains, “In measuring just footfall, people’s movements in and value to the city centre were being missed – the statistics weren’t measuring what we needed to know. Noggin provided the connection between footflow and footfall and developed the capacity to map where people were coming from; going to and how long they stayed in specific streets and areas. This was the added value Noggin provided us with”.

Data underpinned the BID’s Second Term

As far as Chichester BID is concerned, the comprehensive reporting Noggin provided – and continues to provide – was instrumental in developing the second term business plan and BID Ballot and continues to support and guide Board decision making today.

The triangulation of data that Noggin provides is invaluable and provides a multi-dimensional perspective on Chichester, reducing the risk of misinterpretation of data and providing opportunity to challenge and interrogate. Noggin cross references Springboard footfall data with footflow understanding and car parking data, which multiples cross reference with their retail figures. This provides richer and more substantial information upon which to base decisions – for the businesses in Chichester as well as those responsible for the cityscape. For instance, the BID Team knows that people are parking less often but are staying longer – they may be spending more when they’re here, or the BID needs to provide opportunities for people to stay longer with non-retail opportunities.

This deeper understanding of what Chichester businesses were experiencing daily has helped the BID Team engage and build relationships with their BID members.

Noggin and Chichester BID

From originally providing the mobile counters that gave Chichester BID leverage to challenge their footfall figures, to proactively triangulating third party and council data to deliver a multi-dimensional picture of the City centre, Noggin continues to be a key supplier for Chichester BID.  Additional data is emerging, which Noggin is applying to develop reputational data for Chichester, as more cities are ranked on online & digital connection and geographical and online reach, among other measures.

“‘The Noggin Factor’ is one of the drivers of change”

A few words from Chairman, Colin Hicks

“We recognise that Noggin delivers a complexity that we’re not exploiting and we’re keen to do more. The ‘Noggin factor’ is one of the drivers of change and focus for us here in Chichester and thanks to the robust collation and interpretation of data, Chichester BID is a healthier and much better organisation.

“We welcome the decision by Noggin to split data collection and data interpretation. Data analysis and interpretation is where we see – and have benefited from – the true value of what Noggin offers city and town centre teams.”

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