Noggin Ltd is a micro-entity company Limited by Shares, delivering professional, high-quality technology, data and knowledge-based products to the UK and international markets. It engages with only a small number of suppliers, each of whom must demonstrate their own commitment to high ethical and professional standards.

Noggin Ltd is committed to ensuring no modern slavery or human trafficking exists in its supply chain or any part of its business. Noggin's business is conducted ethically and with integrity throughout, and ensures only those who choose to work freely are employed or engaged with the business. Harassment, discrimination and bullying are not acceptable to Noggin. These assurances are also required of its suppliers and customers and embodied in its conditions of contracts.

Noggin regularly monitors its supplier relations to ensure all parties are demonstrating awareness and action to ensure adherence to these policies, and ensures its own staff and subcontractors are regularly trained on the importance of such policies.

Slavery and human trafficking are unacceptable to Noggin, and we are committed to upholding the law and continually improving our understanding of this as a business.